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Brand Name : Ryka Restroom Cubicles


TEAM INTERIOR SOLUTIONS is an amazing mix of restroom cubicles, facades, school and office furniture products available in High Pressure Compact Laminate (HPL), which are widely used for commercial application and heavy traffic areas i.e. Airports, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, Laboratories, Hospitals and public areas, etc.

Ryka restoom cubicle is engineered indigeneously and performs really well under high moisture and heigh humid conditions. With a unique product composition, it is extremely suitable for Indian Climatic conditions where toughness, performance and strong visual appeal are equally essential. Besides providing a plethora of designs and distinguising features available in various styles.

TEAM INTERIOR SOLUTIONS offers guaranteed customer satisfaction and makes sure that the extensive range of products are available for timely delivery, distribution and installation by our competent technicians. We offers 1 year after sales service on components and 10 years warranty on our high pressure compact laminate against any manufacturing or moisture related defect.


  • HPL provided in accordance with IS-2046.

  • Made by using excellent quality high pressure compact laminates.

  • Exclusive raw silk finish available.

  • Built with nylon polyamide, stainless steel and aluminium hardware fittings.

  • Available in regular and customized fittings to cater to the needs of physically disabled people.

  • Available in various sizes, shapes and color hues.

  • Designed for better durability & performance

  • Hygienic and low maintenance.

  • Restroom cubicles fittings as per children needs.

  • Designer cubicles aesthetically inclined.


  • Hygienic and easy to maintain.

  • Resistant to harmful germs and cleaning agents.

  • Noise absorbing system to avoid disturbing "door banging" sound.

  • Wide spectrum of colours to choose from.

  • Resistant to cigarette burns.

  • High quality Compact Laminates manufactured as per international standards.

  • High wear and abrasion resistance

  • Manufactured in strict adherence to accepted fire safety norms.

  • Best in class international accessories.

  • Equipped with emergency opening provisions.

  • Exceptional water, humidity and high temperature resistance.



Why prefer a dry restroom system.

TEAM INTERIOR SOLUTIONS provides a Ryka restroom system that is in a league of its own because of the following:-


  • Cleaning the floor is difficult.

  • Porous surfaces cause dust, stains and grime to settle in.

  • Tile designs get defunct and are tough to change.

  • Pungent smell sticks to porous grout designs.

  • Loss of space – Usage of 6’ x 6” thick walls results in loss of 3 sq.ft. area per partition.

  • Load of building is high.

  • No means of natural ventilation is provided.


  • Economy of space – The compact panels are space saving due to 12mm thick as compared to 150mm thick brick wall.

  • Economy of load – Partitioning systems reduces the load on building as compared to the usage of brick wall.

  • Low setup time – 5 cubicles in a day.

  • Neatness – No wet work is involved.

  • Proper air ventilation access is provided in the designs.

  • Easy floor cleaning – Absence of corners doesn’t let the dust accumulate on the floor.

  • Wise range available in different colours and patterns.

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