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Auram Facade from TEAM INTERIOR SOLUTIONS now endeavours to beautify your home and business with its revolutionary exterior surfacing panels. These stunning exterior surfacing panels are designed to make your exteriors enthralling and gripping.

Aurum Facade exterior grade compact laminates come with a revolutionary unmatched GLE Technology that makes them fade-resistant, weather-proof and fire-resistant, and hence apt for exteriors facades. Aurum Facade is a unique product which finds usage at any and every place which calls for withstanding exterior climate and for every kind of panelling. This product details out various areas where exterior grade compact laminate is apt to use or can be used.

Aurum Facades are used across diverse applications but the most widely used facades or Exterior and Interior Grade Compact Laminates are building Facades. Some of the applications are as following :

  • Balcony Facades.

  • Partitions.

  • Business entry portals.

  • Functional constructions.

  • Railings.

  • Fences.

  • Exterior Facade

  • Attic claddings.

  • Ceilings.

  • Outdoor furniture.

  • Sports facilities.

  • Sun protection

  • Awnings.

  • Public facilities.

  • Playground facilities.

Aurum Facades stand tall above all other ways of traditional building in the following ways.


Advantages of the non-bearing, rear-ventilated facades (VHF)

  • Savings through the shorter scaffolding time..

  • Installation under any weather conditions..

  • Exact cost estimation of the facades is available.

  • No disposal costs during the installation phase.

  • Long maintenance intervals and low follow-up costs.

  • Long-term value retention and appreciation of the building.


Cost Effectiveness

Sustainable and long-term construction requires cost effective solutions. Team Interior Solutions Facades are just that! Long service life, lengthy maintenance intervals and the recyclable components are essential to Facades that stands the economy of time.

Non-Volatile Costing Parameters

Team Interior Solutions provides costing parameters that are exact and stable be it new or in case of renovations.

Key points of Construction

  • Material should not be exposed to water during construction and installaion. Therefore, the panels must always be able to dry out.

  • Connections of facades panels to one another always have to be made in the same panel direction.

  • Facades can show deviations from being flat (see EN 438-6,5,3), and this is to be compensated for by the sub-construction being executed so that it is stable and flat.

  • All connections to other components or to the background must be executed firmly.

  • Elastic intermediate spacers to the sub-construction elements that permit a greater tolerance than +0.5mm must definitely be avoided.

Assembly Parameters

AURAM FACADES come along with essential fasteners made using non-corrosive materials like Aluminum & Stainless Steel. A large head of these fasteners (rivets) are colour lacquered with epoxy paints so as to compliment the Aurum Facades range and are UV coated for better color fastening properties..

  • Rivet body : Aluminum Alloy 5052

  • Rivet Pin : 302 AISI.

  • Pull off strength of rivet Pin: Min 4626N & Max 5382N.

Diameter of Drill Hole in Facades Panels :

  • Sliding points : 8.5mm or as required

  • Fixed points : 5.1mm.

  • Diameter of drill hole in the aluminum substructure : 5.1mm.

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